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Grupo Mansilla Chevrolet spare parts Official Dealer

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Chevrolet Spare Parts

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Chevrolet Spare Parts Official Dealer

CHEVROLET Spare Parts Official Dealer

If you look for Chevrolet spare parts, this is the Company! Grupo Mansilla, an Argentinian Company based on Rosario, General Motors de Argentina S.R.L. Official Dealer for his line of Chevrolet spare parts.
With this presence in internet, we hope to offer another channel for attention, contact and interaction with our national and international, present and potential customers, reinforcing our commitment of quality.
Remember that, from this site you can do all type of inquiries related to our commercial task, specially in all questions related to the commercialization of Chevrolet spare parts, as much at national level as international, by greater or by minor.
In the referred thing to international trade, the particular economic situation of Argentina, helped so that our exports have been increased considerably, reason why we offer some commercial opportunities for foreign trade for those who are particularly interest in import automobiles spare parts from Argentina.

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